Who Next?? (Terence “Bud” Crawford)

Terence “Bud” Crawford made history August 19 by unifying all the belts in the 140 pound division, so now he wants to move on to another big challenge. Moving up to Welterweight and taking on the best the division as to offer. I have no doubt he is a shoe in for best pound for pound fighter in the world and he definitely possesses the gift to overcome any challenge. But the Welterweight division is full of physically bigger stronger fighters, but I personally think Crawford’s skills are above most in this division. The biggest fight in the division right that can be made is Keith Thurman vs. Errol Spence and this is a fight I feel the division needs so in the meantime Crawford can build his stock while these two make the fight everyone wants. These are handful of guys I feel can put Crawford’s on everyone’s radar.

Mikey Garcia – Okay this one isn’t a fight I want to see at 147 but at 140 for name purposes. I think 140 suits Garcia best at the moment and since Crawford hasn’t officially moved into 147 he could take this fight to build up his name. Right now Crawford has the competition on his resume, regardless of what fans say, but he just needs some names. With Mikey coming off the Adrien Broner win, this would be perfect timing for both guys. With Mikey bringing the basic skill and determination, and Crawford bringing the IQ and underrated power we got a good match up.

Jeff Horn – There’s been some talk of this fight as a pre-unification bout while Thurman and Spence battle it out, and I personally like it. I know Horn was given a gift decision against Manny Pacquiao and before that we didn’t know who he was and now everyone is knocking at his door. So with Horn riding high off the Manny win, this would be a good match to help showcase Crawford’s skill at 147 against a young strong game fighter. Crawford would also be in there with a man who beat “the man.” With both fighters being Top Rank, and Crawford & Horn’s ESPN fights pulling in high numbers, there’s no reason this one shouldn’t happen.

Danny Garcia – Danny recently had some words for Terence Crawford, questioning his resume and his position as one of the top fighters today. Of course Bud is the guy who not only took all the belts at 140, but he is now moving up to 147 and is seeking the Thurman’s AND the Spence’s. Keep in mind Spence is a guy that a lot of these welterweights are not looking for, yet Bud is. Since Danny doesn’t want it with Spence, Porter, and a Thurman rematch isn’t the cards right now, why not take on the guy that has this “questionable” resume? If Crawford is not on the level take the fight with him and send him packing back to 140. This fight is a money maker for both guys. I think there styles compliment each other and the size match up is on the level. Danny’s power, consistency, and underrated skill against Crawford’s power, ability to adapt, and killer instinct.

These are just some of the fights that I think Bud Crawford could take until Spence and Thurman are free. Of course there are the Porters, Jessie Vargas’, and even a Sam Eggington, but Terence is a guy that wants the best and the fights that make sense. You can’t do anything but take your hat off to a guy that brings not only skill and power to the table, but the will and instinct to shut all other competition down.


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Welcome back boxing fans, Happy 10th episode! This evening we speak on the Canelo-GGG decision, the overall performance of the fight, and just the dynamics of judging a boxing match. Make sure you subscribe on Itunes! RIP Jake Lamotta & David Bey.


Good fight, Bad Decision

Well this fight was a HUGE DRAW but we didn’t expect it to end in one. Canelo had a strong start, looking to establishing a different look in his past fights. But consistency is the key with Golovkin, as he didn’t change his spots he continued to be the head hunter in this fight applying effective pressure. Canelo was able to use his feet for the first four rounds and pick his shots, but this was a style that he never used so the movement plus the weight later made him more of stationary target. GGG never quick stalking forward and stay committed to his jab knowing that the style Canelo was using wasn’t going to benefit him in the later half. The second half of the fight GGG was really able to adjust to the style of the slowing Canelo and he seemed to secured the second half and two out of three championship rounds. Of course two judges saw it different. Scores of 110-118 for Canelo, 114-114, 115-113 Golovkin really didn’t sit well with me, P, or the crowd. Golovkin by Split decision or Canelo by SD I could live with but 110-118 was ridiculous. Is there a rematch in the cards?? We’ll see. More coming on the next episode of the “Just Absolutely Boxing.”

Canelo-GGG : Where the Pressure Lies…..

We are down to one day and Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin are both in for the biggest fight of their careers. I know that fight night will answer all questions, but I still have one more. Which fighter has the most pressure riding him?

For Canelo this is going to be his biggest test. Though GGG is not the biggest star, enough boxing fans know what Alvarez is up against. Golovkin is more than just a puncher. He is a boxer who packs a punch. He enjoys stalking his opponent, making them move in to his range, and changing their game plans off the jab alone. Of course Canelo faced big names like Mayweather, Cotto, and Khan, but this is his biggest fight in terms of caliber of opponent. GGG is his first solid middleweight fight and GGG poses more of a threat than any fighter on Canelo’s resume so he knows that there’s not an opponent that can be referenced going into this fight. Canelo can box with then best in the ranks, but this is a fight where he is going to have to be a fighter. He knows that everything he’s gotten in the sport of boxing was not giving to him so fight he must. Alvarez is a man who cares about his legacy and that’s the main reason he has accepted the challenge this Saturday night.

For Gennady Golovkin, he is a fighter who has been going about his career on a steady but quiet road. He’s taken all the belts and proven over and over why he’s the champion against decent but non threatening competition (excluding Jacobs). For the past years much like Bernard Hopkins he’s been looking for that one opponent that can not only fill seats but bring the best out of him. After several years of waiting for this fight, Saturday night he gets his opportunity. Much like Canelo, he doesn’t have much to look back on in referencing a past opponent to get him ready. Canelo a young, strong, boxer/puncher, with blistering combinations brings Golovkin a new look for this one. He also has to remember this is a young man’s game, and his age can play a factor in this fight. GGG has not been in any serious wars and he’s rarely been cut so we know he doesn’t have much wear and tear. We all know how Father Time works in this sport, one minute you can have it the next minute you don’t. And it doens’t necessarily mean Golovkin will get old overnight, but his timing or legs could play a factor in this fight especially in a fight on this platform.

But all that said, we’re less than a week away, and to know the pressure these guys feel will never be known if you’re outside of the ring. And that’s what makes this sport.

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