16 years later….History is made!

I remember back in July of 2005 on the 16th, to be exact, I witness the changing of champions in the middleweight division between long time undisputed champion Bernard Hopkins and Olympic medalist Jermaine Taylor. The fight was not a barn burner or some back and forth classic. It was more of a passing along the torch as Bernard Hopkins was unable to keep up with  the bigger stronger young fighter in Taylor even though the champion had his moments. In a close tactical bout, Taylor walked away with all four belts in the division. Before that fight in September of 2004, Hopkins (WBC/IBF/WBA) stepped in the ring with
Oscar De la Hoya (WBO) to unify the division for middleweight supremacy. We all know how the fight ended (if not go watch Hopkins’ highlights on Youtube).

Anyways that was one of the last times we seen four belts unified in a division until last Saturday (August 19, 2017). The year 2001 was the last time we witness a undisputed 140 pound champion when Kostya Tzsyu unified with fellow champion Zab Judah. (#JABpodcast episode 5 I made a mistake and said 2005.)

Fast forward 16 years later.

Terence Crawford was able to build his collection of belts, adding the WBA and IBF titles to his WBC, WBO and Ring title to take over the super lightweight division. In a fight that I thought would have been a handful for Crawford, Bud was able to again prove to many that he is levels above anyone in his division. After round one, we seen just how much more gifted a fighter Crawford is than his opponent, Julius Indongo. Indongo is definitely not a fighter to knock because in his previous fights, he showed the determination and skill level he possessed over those champions. Terence Crawford is a different animal. He is always thinking one step ahead of his opponent, and he is already knowing of what his challenge is going to try. Again Indongo is not a soft touch as he has proven in the past, but Crawford is a fighter who is not just thinking of the present, he is also thinking of legacy and how he wants to be remembered. Now that he holds all four belts, there’s no question about who the champion in his division is, or whose ducking who? Fights like this are what all sanctioning bodies should push for because even though you have all these different belts, boxing is one sport! Each belt holder can only hold a belt for so long, until someone demands all four champions need to battle it out in a division to prove who is the champion. I know belts mean more money and maybe more opportunities for young fighters, but if a fighter is as good as he claims, he will go for all belts and become the only champion.

Congratulations to Bud!!!

#JABpodcast 5 (Crawford-Indongo for all the belts!)

Fight weekend August 19th the undisputed crown is up for grabs at 140! WBC/WBO/Ring champ Terence Crawford takes on WBA/IBF/IBO champ Julius Indongo in the first 140 unification bout since 2005. Listen to what we think about this fight and why this is an important event for the sport of boxing!! Subscribe and enjoy!!


Mayweather-Mcgregor ticket sales lookin stale…..

Everytime I hear the name MayMac I think of some type of celebrity couple like Brangelina. How I know that don’t ask me! Mayweather-Mcgregor much like a celebrity couple is just all hype that will end in diaster. I think it ended any hype of any hardcore boxing fans wanting to see it once the press tour started. I’m not really going into press tour, but I was more interested in the ticket sales. As of last week, it seems that they’re are still plenty of good seats left in the arena. Ringside seats are priced at $10,000 and the cheapest seats are set at $500-$700 at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. Of course to get these seats you probably have to take out a second mortgage on your home, or do double shifts for the cheapest seats. Same can be said for the PPV, the price is set at the same as Mayweather- Pacquiao at about 100 bucks. I think most fans of boxing and MMA are maybe starting to see this not as a fight (which I been stating) but just a glorified high priced train wreck. It’s not really built on two guys who backing their respective sports, but more on money, who can call who a “bitch” the most, and who can rock a fur coat on a hot stage the longest without passing out from heat stroke. So more and more any talk of what’s going to happen in the ring dies out and just the antics outside the ring continue to push views on Youtube, IG, and Twitter. I think it’s safe to say this event is just to see how much money can be banked by all investors and promoters alike. What’s going to happen in the ring, is still being scripted. We’ll see if ticket sales pick up the next week as we get closer, but sales aside, both parties are making way more money than they deserve for a spectacle.

#JABpodcast Episode 2 (Weekend fight talk)

Today we discuss last Saturday’s fights Omar Figueroa – Robert Guerrero, Sullivan Barrera – Joe Smith Jr., Errol Spence calling out Danny Garcia, and Terance Crawford vs. Julius Indongo for the first undisputed 140 pound champion in over 15 years! Enjoy!


An undisputed 140 pound champion will be crowned August 19th!!

A month away is one of the biggest fights in 2017, one of the major fights I’m anticipating. I’m not speaking of Floyd Mayweather-Conor Mcgregor, but of 140 pound champion Terence Crawford and another 140 champion Julius Indongo.  Both fighters have their respective portion of the belts in the division, but both boxers are keen on cutting it down to just one champion in the 140 pound division.  The last time I’ve or we’ve witnessed an undisputed champion at junior welterweight was when IBF champ Zab Judah and WBC & WBA Kostya Tszyu stepped in the ring 14 years ago for the crown. I think a lot of hardcores remember how that went. Tszyu scored a second round stoppage over Judah in 2003 which led to a big ring tussel with Jay Nady and Judah. But right after, Tzsyu didn’t keep the crown long once the WBA and WBC stripped him of the belts after some injuries keeping him out of the ring. He was left with the IBF belt until he lost it in 2005 to Ricky Hatton. Ricky Hatton quickly unified with Carlos Maussa, while Floyd Mayweather won the WBC against the late Arturo Gatti. Why the Mayweather-Hatton never happened next at 140, I don’t know but it would have been a real hardcore pleaser.

But now, over a decade, we are getting the fight that many divisions are close to following, the best against the best. As soon as Terence Crawford won his first title he was quick to unify with Viktor Postal. Julius Indongo snagged his first title against Eduard Troyanovsky in one round, and he quickly came back next fight taking the belt of Ricky Burns. Since that fight, he has only wanted the Crawford fight even Sergey Lipinets had to step back as mandatory to let these two make the bout we all want. Crawford was only in the ring three months ago and he is ready to take on the biggest threat to him in the divison for it all. I do favor Crawford in this fight, but anything can happen, granted he has an off day. Julius Indongo wasn’t given the titles he has earned them in every right and he has the abilty to take the fight to Crawford. Crawford has already proven to me he is a gifted fighter, but this is where Indongo steps in and has to prove to us if he has that gift too.